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*Sample Menus

Bento is our new viral delivery service with the same chef-driven food you’ve come to expect from us. A four course organic offering, arriving in individual bento style boxes, convenient for any shoot. Did we mention everything’s compostable?


Ideal for editorial + film shoots, company meetings and off-sites.

At EAC, we continue to focus on nourishing food made with farm-fresh produce and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Plate has a minimum of 50 meals per day, for example 25 for breakfast + 25 for lunch or 50 for lunch.

We will drop off to your location.

Coffee, tea, beverage and water services are offered. White wrap linens are available for purchase.


BREAKFAST   $40 per person    I    LUNCH   $45 per person    I    DINNER   $50 per person

10% of your order will be plant based and 10% gluten free

Delivery charge not included.


Hot Brew Coffee + Hot Tea   $100 per 10-12 people

Includes sugar, stevia, stir sticks, dairy + non-dairy milk, cups and lids

Cold Brew Coffee   $12 per person

Single serving, one per person

RAIN Water $7 per person

Recyclable Eco Friendly Aluminum + Plastic-Free

Includes two per person

Flat + Sparkling Water   $12 per person

Single serving, one per person

Sodas   $8 per person

Single serving, two per person

*Does not include ice + coolers

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