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sample menu

Electric Avenue Chef creates organic, gourmet, single serving crafty boxes. Each person will enjoy their own selection of sweet and savory snacks for satisfying bites throughout the day. They’re delicious and convenient for photo + film shoots, company meetings, off-sites and parties. Crafty boxes are delivered to your location.










Crafty boxes have a minimum of 25 boxes per day.

Coffee, tea, beverage and water services are also available. White wrap linens are available for purchase.

CRAFTY BOX   $50 per person

Combination of six sweet + savory snacks


Hot Brew Coffee   $80 per 10 people

96 ounce travelers, sugar, stevia, stir sticks, dairy + non-dairy milk, cups and lids

Cold Brew Coffee   $12 per person

Single serving, one per person

Flat + Sparkling Water   $12 per person

Single serving, one per person

Sodas   $8 per person

Single serving, two per person

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