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*Sample Menus

Electric Avenue Chef creates a fine dining pop up restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chefs cook + plate, serving when you're ready to eat, remaining on set with you through meal services.

At breakfast, we provide recyclable, compostable plates + cutlery. Real china + cutlery is used at lunch and dinner. White wrap linens are provided for food service tables.


Coffee, tea, beverage and water services are offered. White wrap linens for your seating tables are available for purchase.


Pop up service has a 25 person minimum for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.



BREAKFAST   $75 per person    I    LUNCH   $85 per person    I    DINNER  $95 per person

10% of your order will be plant based and 10% gluten free.

Delivery + 20% labor charges not included.


Hot Brew Coffee + Hot Tea   $100 per 10-12 people

Includes sugar, stevia, stir sticks, dairy + non-dairy milk, cups and lids

Cold Brew Coffee   $12 per person

Single serving, one per person

RAIN Water $7 per person

Recyclable Eco Friendly Aluminum + Plastic-Free

Includes two per person

Flat + Sparkling Water   $12 per person

Single serving, one per person

Sodas   $8 per person

Single serving, two per person

*Does not include ice + coolers

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